PaoloOur dental surgery, located in Milan city centre, has been the reference point since 1970. It was founded by the Dr. Luigi Brotto father 40 years ago with a long view, choosing a prestige location. In 1993 his first-born son, Dott. Paolo Maria Brotto, already Doctor and Surgeon specialized in Dentistry, went back from Boston University and took-over the reins of the dental surgery as health director. Along years Dr. Paolo Brotto has specialized in every dentistry fields, from implantology to prosthetic rehabilitation for ever needs, from operative dentistry to endodontics with hot guttapercha, from health care to surgery and orthodontics. Accordingly to safety law and to keep quality to top level, all the tools and machinery have been changed during the past year. In 2005 the dental surgery obtained the Certificazione UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, officially worldwide recognized. But above all we do believe that, continuous professional skill updating apart, the doctor/patient and medical assistant/patient human relations remain the most important things. We work in all the dentistry fields to have all straight about medical solution, and we fully commit ourselves in offering the best available solutions.